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  • I was born in Latvia and live in Jurmala. FINE ART PROFESSIONAL Photography is my job and hobby. I love what I do with all my heart. I am always honest and responsible towards the people I meet every day, I am open-minded, optimistic with a good sense of humor. I love experimenting and new projects. My favorite genres are portrait and nude photography. I love adding some mysticism into my pictures.  I never think through all the details before I get to work, usually idea forms itself during the process. I mostly work with individual orders. And the perfect model for me is the model who has forgotten that she is one. There are no such thing as ugly people or not photogenic people. There is an unwrought stone in every person, which turns into shining dimond after some manipulations.

  • I prefer black and white photography, digital. I will never visualize something that will bring harm or will compromise anyone.

  • We are all different , everyone has his own manner of working, his own taste, feelings, emotions. There must be no competition in this. Do I have my own style? People tell me “Yes, you do” I say to myself  ” I don’t know”.  I believe it’s like one’s own body odor which you can’t feel so my viewers answer for me.

  • I wish you all love, harmony and understanding. Health and all kinds of artistic achievements. Never stop creating, playing, drawing, composing, fantasizing, inventing. Smile to the worlds and it will smile back to you! ;>

©  Ilona Pulkstene

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